Piebald Spirit of the Stags
Status: Exploring the lands while she has some free time.

Dvalinn, one of the four stags of Midgard that chew upon the branches of Yggdrasil. She goes by the name of Evelyn these days and bears the form of a piebald cervine tipped in cyan flames. She's a peaceful yet mischievous one.

M!A: Possesses a ring that can grant one (1) wish. Goes away after she makes her wish. |

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100 followers + Weird Wednesday

100 followers. What a milestone! I love you all, even if we don’t talk! Which reminds me, if you want to talk but are afraid to do so on the dash, you’re more than welcome to send an ask that will be privately answered (just request that it is!) or send fanmail (which will always be private!). 

With that said… let’s party!


Now that that is said, it’s Weird Wednesday! Toss Eve some weird questions and, as a bonus for the day, ALL ASKS WILL GET ANSWERED WITH A DRAWING! It may take a wee bit to get them sketched out and colored, but you WILL get a drawing for an answer! :D

Fire away, my lovelies!